Youth Softball Rules

UpdatedFriday January 24, 2020 bySam Clift.

These rules apply to all divisions

Time Limit rule during league and tournament play:
(2/Double Headers) 5 inning or 60 minute time limit games,
whichever comes first.

If the teams have reached the 55 minute mark and one team is significantly ahead (meaning the other team cannot catch up) then the umpire is to call ball game and not start another inning.
If a team does not have lights and it begins to get dark, for the safety of the children the umpire may call ball game after 50 minutes of play.


8U, 10U and 12U divisions are required to follow USSSA Rules, the only rules that Cimarron Valley Softball enforces is time limit rule.

2018 General Park Rules.pdf