Board Members

Updated Monday May 6, 2019 by Sam Clift.

Board of Directors

Chani Cormier - President

 Field Maintenance

 Phone: (405)315-0364


 Andrew Vreeland - Vice President
 Field Maintenance

 Phone: (405)474-4607

 Blaine Smedley - Treasurer
 Financial Manager

 Phone: (405)208-0741

 Jane Smedley - Concessions Manager

 Menecca Gibbs - Secretary


 Phone: (405)269-1672

Sam Clift - Information Officer
 Website and Social Media

 Phone: (405)323-2219


 Vacant - Fundraising Manager


 Phone: contact secretary

 Floyd Flynn - Head Umpire/Chief Umpire

 Statistic Reporting

 Phone: (405)227-4746


 Sara Hines - Board Member

 Protest Committee

 Phone: (405) 600-5961


 Matt Girard - Board Member

 Protest Commitee

 Phone: (405)623-5448


All Board Members are on two year terms. All board members are volunteered positions. We encourage applications for any position at anytime. Please send your resume to to be considered.