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League Policy, Procedures and Playing Rules

Revised: 02/08/2015

DRINKING:  GAS has a no alcohol policy in its parks. Any player caught drinking alcohol during a game will be ejected, with or without warning.


PARK HOURS: 12:00am is official park closing time at Owens Field during scheduled activities. All players are required to vacate the premises no later than 12:00am.

RUNNERS: The courtesy runner (last out in the line-up) must be of the same gender as the original runner.

LINE UP: The team’s line-up must be submitted to the scorekeeper before each game begins, and include both the FIRST and LAST names of all players. This official copy is required to be kept by scorekeeper. Please make a copy for yourself. Please have your line-up submitted to the scorekeeper 10 minutes before scheduled game time.

GAME CLOCK: The scorekeeper will be in charge of the game clock.The game clock will start with the first pitch of the game. A game cannot begin prior to the scheduled start time unless both team managers agree. Please have your team ready to play 10 minutes prior to game time

EJECTIONS: Any player ejected from a game must immediately leave the playing field/facility/premises. Failure to do so can result in a forfeiture of the game by the ejected player’s team and the suspension of said player for the remainder of the season or a minimum of four weeks. If the ejected player refuses to leave the premises, the police will be called and the ejected player’s team will suffer an automatic team forfeiture of the game. Any player ejected from a game will receive an automatic one game suspension from all league play. This means the player is ineligible to participate in the next scheduled game and from any other GSA leagues that they may be participating in during that seven day period. Any player suspended will automatically be placed on probation for the remainder of the season or a minimum of four weeks. Any player who violates the “Code of Conduct” while on probation will be suspended for the remainder of the season or a minimum of four weeks. A player who has been suspended from play cannot attend any game(s) even as a spectator from which he/she has been suspended. Any player ejected during the playoffs will be suspended from the first league game the next season that the player is a participant.

APPEALS: Appeals may only made on suspensions greater than two weeks. Any appeal must be in writing to the league director within 7 calendar days of being notified of the suspension. Any appeals must accompany any and all documentation as to why the suspension should be adjusted. The GSA staff does not have the resources to investigate any and all appeals therefore it is critical that the appeal include all necessary reasons and evidence as to why the penalty should be adjusted.

1. League Play: All games shall be governed by the regulations of the GAS Softball league. Managers are required to be aware of all rules and regulations pertaining to this league.

2. Rain Out: During inclement weather conditions, We should make a decision before 3:00 P.M., Please check your email, Our Facebook page, or website for postponement information. Any game postponed will be added to the end of the regular league schedule.

3. Player Waiver: Any player on a team must personally sign a Player Waiver. Players are to sign before their first game. All of these individuals must adhere to all league rules and conduct codes.

5. Time & Inning Limits for League games are. Men’s– No new inning after 55 minutes, or after 7 innings (except for ties). Women’s and Co-Ed – No new inning after 55 minutes, or 7 innings (except for ties). No run rule during regular season play.

6. Tie games: If the game time has expired, and the final inning ends in a tie score, there will be ONE extra inning to break the tie. If the 7th inning ends with a tie score, there will be ONE extra inning to break the tie, regardless of how much time is left on the game clock. In both of these cases, if the extra inning results in a tie score, then the game will be recorded as a tie. Teams CAN win or lose a championship by ½ of a game.

7. Line ups: Line-ups shall be submitted to the scorekeeper 10 minutes before scheduled game time, with both first AND last names. A team can add players up to the 10th spot in the lineup even after the team has completed a turn through the line-up.

8. Forfeit Procedure: Teams must have at least eight (8) players from their original roster to begin a game. A forfeit situation exists when the home team cannot field the minimum number of players at their defensive position to start the game. The visiting team shall forfeit when they reach the 8th batting position in their first at bat or when they cannot field the minimum number of players at their defensive positions to begin the bottom of the 1st inning. The home team has the option to switch from home team to visitor to avoid a forfeit. If neither team has the minimum number of players, then a double-forfeit will be called, resulting in losses for both teams. The game will continue to be played but will be recorded as a forfeit.

9. The Batter: Batter starts with a 1 & 1 count. No courtesy foul after 2 strikes. The next foul ball is an out.

10. Pitching Rule: 6-FOOT minimum height required on all legal pitches and the maximum height is 12 feet.

11. Strike Zone: A “Strike Mat” measuring 23.5” wide by 33” long and fits “flush” to home plate.

12. If a male player is walked he gets two bases( If there is two outs a female player may choose to walk as well.

13. When running out a single you must touch the orange base (outside base) or it will result in an automatic out. Not sliding into a base when there's a play will also be an automatic out.

14. Owens Field Outfield Fence Netting:

HOME RUN –Any ball that goes over the fence.

GROUND RULE DOUBLE-Any ball that that hits the netting and drops over the fence or is caught in the netting; includes any ball that goes through any part of the netting that is torn or not properly affixed to the poles. Note: If the umpire cannot see the ball go through the netting or between the netting and poles, then the call shall be a home run.

LIVE BALL-Any ball that hits the netting and drops into the field of play is a live ball and play shall continue.

13. Extended Line-up Rule: Any softball team may extend their batting line-up to a maximum of 14 players.

14. Players under 18 may play with the approval of the League Director. Conditions include:

1. A parent or legal guardian must be participating on the roster of the team.

2. A parent or legal guardian must sign the waiver form in addition to the player’s signature.

15 Protest: Only rule interpretations, illegal equipment, or illegal players can be Protested. Umpire judgment cannot be protested.

16. Injuries: Managers must report any injury to a ball player sustained during the game to the scorekeeper and an accident report shall be filled out prior to departure.

17. Sportsmanship: Team managers are responsible for the actions of their players and spectators. Unsportsmanlike conduct of players and/or spectators may result in forfeit. Abusive language will not be tolerated from players or spectators.

18. Complaints: Official complaints concerning such things as league direction, umpires, field conditions, spectators, etc. All complaints should be presented to the GAS League Director in writing.

19. Home run walk off rule: On any fair-batted ball hit over the fence for a home run, the batter and all runners are credited with a score. The batter and any runners on base do not need to run the bases. There is no penalty if they choose to do so.

20. Field Conditions: Managers are requested to report any hazardous field conditions or acts of vandalism to the GAS director

21. Game Starts: All regulation league games will start according to the official schedule.

22. Equipment:

1. Shoes and shirts are required on all players and coaches. No metal cleats (spikes) will be allowed in League Play. Players wearing metal cleats after being warned by the umpire not to do so shall be ejected. (Matching uniforms are not required).

2. Softballs will be provided by GAS  (2) 12” balls will be used for male batters, and (2) 11” balls for female batters in women’s and Co-Ed leagues. Teams will be required to buy any extra balls from GSA with our stamp on them to be used during games. GAS uses the optic yellow ball for with 52. cor and 300. comp in all leagues and are available at the concession for $6.00 per ball. All balls must be marked with our stamp before being put into play. Balls without our stamp cannot be used.

3. Bats: Be sure to check for the latest up to date bat information. The umpires will check the bats for proper grip, taping, knobs, weight, dents, etc., prior to game time, all bats must be clearly marked with USSSA or ASA stamp, umpire’s decision is final. Bat rings, donuts, propellers, etc. are not allowed. If you have any questions concerning bats, please ask the umpire.

23. Home run rule: A limit of over-the-fence home runs will be used in all Men’s, Women’s & Co-Ed Slow pitch Divisions. Only 5 homeruns allowed per game with  Equalizer Rule of 1 for 1 .

HOME RUN EQUALIZER RULE* along with the Home Run Rule. All balls hit over the fence by a team in excess of the following limitations per game will be ruled an OUT. (Unless the Equalizer Rule is in effect.)*

Teams may hit home runs past the allowed number if: 

A) The opposing team has also reached the number allowed.

B) Teams may only hit one more home run than the opposition when past the allowed number for the Division. All fair balls hit over the fence by a team that has already reached it’s allowed number of Equalizer home runs will be ruled an OUT.

C) The hitting team is responsible for immediately retrieving home runs and foul balls that leave the field of play.


Taking care of Owen's Field:


Each team is responsible for picking up their own trash out of the dugouts after their game. Not doing so will cost you to forfeit the following game. No glass of any kind is allowed at the park. GAS is doing it's best to keep the fields in the best shape that they can be. Please take some pride in the only softball facility we have. Raking the fields after use takes little time and helps out tremendously to keep the fields level and ready to play. We have rakes and other equipment to help you help us. We would like raking after use of the fields to become a standard for our association and it's members. You play an important role in making that happen. These are your fields and this is  your organization. Good luck on the season and have fun!